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Graphite flakes

  • Graphite scrap
    Graphite scrap refers to the waste products generated after carbon products are graphitized, as well as the materials produced during the processing of graphitized products, such as cutting and crushing. The definition of graphite scrap varies in different materials. Some materials and literature refer to graphite particles that are not very large as graphite scrap (such as graphite powder), while others state that graphite products of a certain size and in block form are considered graphite scrap. Here, we refer to the second type, which is commonly known as graphite blocks. Graphite scrap is generated from the graphitization of graphite products and the machining process. It is used as an additive and conductive material in the steelmaking and casting industries, and can also be processed according to customer requirements for size. They are also widely used in electric arc furnaces (steelmaking) and electrochemical furnaces (metallurgical and chemical industries).
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